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Should I take Norco when I have an anaphylaxis allergy to codeine?

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DzooBaby 3 Jun 2016

Norco and codeine are not the same drug but they are related. I know some people who cannot take codeine and can take hydrocodone (what is in Norco) and oxycodone just fine but some are allergic to all opioids. Did your doc know you were highly allergic to codeine when he prescribed Norco? If you do decide to try it, you need to do so around people who know that you may have a reaction and who know what to look for and what to do if you do have a reaction. You may want to ask the doc to prescribe an EpiPen for you just in case you have a reaction when you try it just in case, if you dont already have one.

Dmmoore 3 Jun 2016

Yes he did know I had anaphylaxis to codeine. Said it's not codeine you should be fine. I said it is a codeine dirivitive. He said I should have no problem. free discount card

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