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I take norco 10. now I take opana many norco 10 equal one opana 30?

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DzooBaby 9 Jan 2013

Opana (oxymorphone) 30mg is about equal to about 90mg of hydrocodone which is in Norco so your Opana 30mg is about equal to 9 10mg Norco. Quite a difference in strength. The Opana should be working much better for you. If you are on the Opana ER which is a long acting form, you may not notice the "rush" that you would feel when taking Norco which is a short acting medication. When we start a chronic pain patient on short acting opioids, they tend to get conditioned to equating the rush with pain relief or an indicator that the medication is working because we feel the flood of opiate across the brains receptors that comes with short acting meds. Opana is much stronger but the long acting forms dont give you that flood of opiate to the recepetors, so be sure that you are looking at pain levels and not whether you "feel" the medication working. You may not have the same euphoric effects with long acting drugs but you should have much better pain control. Give the medication a few days so you can build a consistent blood level of the drug. You should then notice a greater reduction of pain and better function.

FLSharkvictim 23 Dec 2016

So if I take 10 hydrocodone that would equal 30 mgs of Oxymorphone? I ran out of my meds 1 day early and was just trying to figure how many I need to take to get some type relief to due a back injury? I current take Oxymorphone ER 40mgs twice a day and for break through pain I take Oxymorphone IR 10 mgs 4 times a day. .. Just have to get through the night until I refill my scripts tomorrow morning @10am.. TAHNK GOD! free discount card

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