First I would like to apologize for my bad spelling and grammar I'm sorry if it bothers you I didn't have the best schooling growing up and on top didn't know at the time how important it was to actually pay attention,
Ok so I have been taking hydrocodon-acetaminophen 10/325 for close to a year now and have had no complaints about it. Iv gone to 7.5/325 for a month or two and then to 5/325 for a month or two before going back to 10/325 because the pain was increasing, iv been back on the 10/325 for around 4 months now and everything has been ok, but as of 11/03/2014 I went to my normal pharmacy and got my normal prescription and got my normal pills that I take at the exact same time every day since my accident and procedure, this time they were a lot less helpful, I weigh around 240lbs so to start with they take a little longer to start working, but because I hadn't taken anything that day and the day before I was in a lot of pain and wanted the pain to go away as fast as possible and go away as much as possible so I took 2 pills both were cut in half like I normally do so they work a little faster, normally they start working in about 20-40 mins and my pain almost goes completely away in about an hour and some change when taking 1 pill split in half, this time I doubled my dose and split them in half, when an hour had gone by and the pain was still there pretty strong I took another thinking that maybe I had eaten to much that day and my food was absorbing the pills and not allowing my body to take the Medicean like normal, my pain finely started to go away enough for me to be slightly comfortable but nothing like normal, when I started taking the pills about a year ago I would get a little high and feel light on my feet when I was on my feet that is, but I no longer get that feeling as expected when taking them as long as I have, I'm not taking them to get high like most people do or like most doctors think, I have a lot of pain and problems that people my age (20) should not have, I had a discectomy because of multiple motorcycle an bmx bike crashes and all the other things that kids do when there my age and younger, I had my disc rupture and push on my nurves, to the point that my legs tingled 24-7 like they had fallen asleep and my knees were so week that some times I would fall not knowing that I was falling until I hit the ground, after having the discectomy everything was about 90% back to normal and things were looking up, about 3-4 months after surgery things started to go down hill an got worse over the course of 4 months, I have recently come to find out that I now have 2 hurnoated discs that are both pushing on my nurves again and causing the same problumes as before, so now that you understand my pain and my reasons for my pain il get back to what happen, I took the 3pills and finely got a little relief, but nothing like my normal pills and I have no idea why! When I took these pills it was like I was taking the lowest dosage that they can prescribe which I believe is 5/325 and they suck! I might as well be taking straight tylonal, The only thing that makes any since to me is that the FDA has done something to change something along the way, I do know that as of November 1st 2014 the FDA has moved almost all narcotics up a class in there drug schedule classes, now understanding this and how hard it makes it for me and anyone to got our regular prescriptions with out being questioned by the pharmacist until allowing us to get our stuff, this was only saposed to make the pills be a higher class, not make them weaker so why does it seem this way, what is going on? What do I do? I'm in pain all of the time now! I have a hard time sleeping because the pain is so strong and my legs do nothing but buzz all night, I have told my doc but they said there isn't much thay can do, I don't want to ask for anything stronger because I like how these use to work and I also don't want it to look bad when I say I need something stronger! But at this point I don't think I have a choice, or do I? Any help would be greatly appreciated, how do I bring this up with my doc with out looking stupid or crazy? And what is the reason for this?

Thanks! Ps Steven

Just for the record I'm taking gabapantin as well every day to help with the buzzing in my legs, could this have anything to do with why the norco seams weaker? I have been taking it with the norco for around two months and have had no issues like this while taking them both,
Again thank you for your help