I ran out of them and am tired of being dependent on them but I swell so bad. I take celebrex and have insomnia already with anxiety, but the norco are a major dependency and I was weening this summer when I found out I was pregnant at 36 with my first child. I lost the baby and was medicated more. Today is day 3 no norcos. I have one in my pocket as a reminder that I can do it. I have taken 2 tylenol 4 's a day to help with work. I'm an elementary school teacher so I have to function. I'm using clonodine and Valium too. My legs ache omg. I crave the norco and I kniw I have the pill and can get more but I want to quit and try to get pregnant again. Any advice please. I'm so weak. Tired. Yuck. I don't want a pill running my life and I do not want to get pregnant on these. I took 4 a day. I hurt but I'm not dying. Is this the worst. Dry mouth n aches,no sleep or appetite are bad. Any suggestions or help Is greatly appreciated. I want to do this. Help me please. I have no one. Thanks ♡