I used to be on loestrum (which was the one with estrogen and progesterine). About two months ago they switched me off of that since I had a migraine (once in my life 4 years ago after a concussion, I didnt want to be switched but they made me). I had been on it since September 2010. I never missed a pill and always had sex with a condom.
It took a whole pack of Nora Be and about a week into the second one to get my period. I was stressed the entire time worrying about my period being late. But everywhere I read said that is normal getting off pills.
I got my period finally. It started brown then got really heavy... Lasted about 6 or 7 days. Which was normal before I started the pill.
Then it seemed to stop (I still had some cramps but figured that was due to being hungry or something)... so I had sex. We wore a condom, and we always pull out, but the condom like fell off- we're 95% sure it was when he pulled out, and he pulled out on time and we had the condom on before that...
Then yesterday I found more of the brown.. I've been wearing a pad. It's brown... anywhere from light to dark.. Then there was just a little bit of blood in it.. and I got scared so I came online.

I'm worried. I talked to a doctor yesterday but couldn't get a full appointment. She said it was probably because of the pill then said, most likely because of the pill then said "yes its the pill" then said let's get you an appointment.

I'm scared. I've -never- missed a pill. I take them at exactly the same time everyday... never missed that... and have always worn a condom and on top of that always pulled out... so what is going on with me!

I'm to scared to take a pregnancy test, and I don't have my own car so getting to the doctor is hard.
I've been very stressed lately as well. I'm on no other medication and have not missed a pill the entire time I've been on pills.
Thank you.