I contacted this while in the service in 1957. I was overseas and drinking a lot. in 2002 was told I had prostate cancer and received the radiation seed implants. then in 2011 my PSA started to rise. after a series of testing they say the cancer has not spread. Then my wife broke her knee cap and I have had to do double duty. and due to the additional stress and work I started having more trouble peeing. Doctor has giving me different medication but nothing has worked. I do not have any discharge but I do have all the same systems as before with the burning and all that. Now just almost looking at water I have to pee but when I do it just dribbles out and takes me a long time to relieve myself. (That is about 2-3 minutes.) So I have heard that Non-spec can return due to stress and or working to hard. Is there anything I can do to get my Doctor to test me with or can I check my own blood test to see if anything is wrong?