... I was just recently diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I used to be of normal weight. I was 5'3" 120 lbs. I've been overweight since having kids starting 13 years ago. For the past 7 years, I've weighed around 185 lbs, so I know now it's done damage.
I would have never known about this disease had it not been for a grapefruit sized adenoma rupturing causing pain, husband taking me to ER where it was removed and I was given blood transfusions.
On my follow up visit, the liver surgeon told me I had beginning stages of scaring.
I've lost 20 lbs. And I'm continuing to lose.
My 1st question is: After I get back to my normal weight, will I be able to occasionally go out to a restaurant and indulge in say, Mexican food and a coke(like twice a month)? Or will this still kill my liver?
My 2nd question is: I've read that there might be a connection between fatty liver and breast cancer??
Any help would be so appreciated!