My dad had a surgery that went poorly and now how has chronic pain to the point of immobility. Unfortunately, this area is near his groin so the effected nerves are highly sensitive. He regulates his pain by using different medications, lotions, patches, etc, but is still in excruciating pain all the time. He's had spinal blocks but the pain always comes back. He even had surgery to remove where the issue started (testicle), which helped a lot, but not as much as we hoped it would. He now uses lidocaine patches, tens units, ice packs, oils, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and nortriptolyn. (Keep in mind he uses these on a cycle in single or half doses.)

Does anyone know of anything that they have tried that helped in any way?
Alcohol is not an option, he's trying to get off narcotics, and has tried medical cannabis and it didn't work.

Any information or idea is welcome. Thank you.