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Can or will Non-diabetic Hypoglycemia result in developing diabeties?

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LouAnnP 20 Nov 2014

just get your -a one c- blood levels checked regularly. or above, (up until 6.5 i think is pre- diabetes. over 6.4 i believe, is diabetes. youll know to keep working on your diet and exercise to keep you out of the diabetic zone, and also try to move out of the pre- diabetes zone. discuss with your doc.

jcolson 28 May 2015

I had hypoglycemia for most of my life and although I did become a diabetic, I have asked several doctors and they told me that there is no way at present to determine who will develop diabetes and who won't. So my chances of getting diabetes was just as good as anyone else's. I am insulin dependent type 2 and no my hypoglycemia did not play apart in me getting diabetes as far as they know. free discount card

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