... associated with ruptured disc's in the lumbar area also for extreme anxiety due to the interferon and the anxiety with that, I've been tking the pain meds for extreme sciatic nerve pain in back going down right leg also for extreme pain in liver and all my joints and muscles associated with the Hep. "C" treatment and i've been taking the Paxil for bi-polar depression for 15 years and the Prevacid for about the same time for ulcer's in the esophogus please help me tlk to my new primary care doctor I se for the first time tomorrow at 1:30 pm Eastern Standard time at the Park City Clinic in Bridgeport, CT. Dr. Marci at 203-579-5000 My previous doctor fired me for complaing about the extreme pain to his nursing staff. His name is Dr. Saul in Stratford CT. Going through all this pain I don't understand who I tell about the extreme pain if I can't tell them as I've got to go through this treatment if I want to live a long happy life. I didn't know a doctor can turn you away for complaing about the extreme pain I've been going through. Is this normal procedure for an infectious disease doctor's office . Please help me receive the med"s I've been taking tomorrow since this is a new doctor I'm seeing to beg for these med's as I want to live to see my kids grow up and get old and have grandkids. Please as I need some expertise help To explain to these dOctors that I really want to live and continue my treatment!!! My phone # is 203-751-5368. My name is Ron Milyo