ok..I am sure I posted to the group last night but I don;t see it anywhere, so I will try again.
HI all! I finally made it back home from Milwaukee and had a great visit with Mom. The weather was great and so was the company. I did well eventho Mom has Lortab in the house..I wasn't even interested in them. That;s a good sign to me. The feeling of wanting to use is dissappearing. And I can 't even imagine going back on sub... ever. (not to say I didn't need it when I was on it..it was life saving)
So, here's what;s going on with me..still having low energy, chills, and a feeling of malaise..kinda flu like but not untolerable... NOT like weeks 2-3 after jumping off at 1mg of sub! I wasn't sure if I had caught a slight case of the flu(with tummmy trouble) but again, not unbearable... just annoying. I have lost 15lbs and being a distance runner, I need to not lose any more! A good wind would blow me away! LOL My running/training is sufferinmg and being the addict tha I am, I WANT TO RUN AND I WANT TO RUN FAR AND I WANT TO DO IT NOW! Can't break the 7 mile mile marker and I was running full marathons while on sub/opiates... very frustrating and very hard to explain to hubby that sub didn't give me a buzz! He still doesn't get it, never will. I take the miles I can get bc OATMEAL IS BETTER THAN NO MEAL haha
Just wanted to touch base tho and tell you all I missed you.
I will have to catch up reading posts, but want to let anyone out there on sub, thinking about going on sub, or trying to get off, there there IS HOPE..be patient . It's well worth it to be opiate free. It gets better... it really does..one day at a time...
I have a consult for accupunture(for fibro) next week and for Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy(for fibro pain)..will let you know how it goes.
I have a dear friend in the ICU, so any extra prayers you have are welcomed..her name is "Jewel"
LMK how you are doing my friends!
I missed you