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No matter how many hours of sleep I get I can hardly get up in the morning?

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itsmetoo2 19 Jan 2010

You think that you are sleeping. You must realize that there are different levels of sleep.
If I was you, I would see a Neurologist and get a sleep study, then you will know exactly what is going on.

I wish you the best

horse1doc 19 Jan 2010

thanks i have been diag with narcolepsy the dr has me on provigil to keep me awake during the day but i still cant wake up in the mornings

itsmetoo2 19 Jan 2010

Get the sleep study by a Neurologist. I think that this is the best thing you could do for yourself. As for your Narcolepsy what kind of doctor diagnosed you with this? Is this your family doctor?
I am saying this as the hospital thought I had that when I had an eeg and kept falling asleep. I would wait for my doctor in the exam room and I would fall asleep. They found out it was apena. At night even I would forget to breathe. But the sleep study found this out... Best Wishes.

horse1doc 20 Jan 2010

i had the study done at a sleep lab stayed all night and the next day hooked up to a lot wires

itsmetoo2 20 Jan 2010

When was the last study? Within a year? What was the results? I hope they told you...

horse1doc 20 Jan 2010

the study was about 3 months ago the told me that i didnt have apnea and that i did have narcolepsy its suppose to be legit a dr here in tulsa okla for 35 years suppose to be the best around

itsmetoo2 20 Jan 2010

That is good you have a legit doc. But a Neurologist is the person that is specially trained for this. Best Wishes.

itsmetoo2 22 Jan 2010

Have you had complete cardic testing?

Have you had a cardic. work-up recently? My friend died recently, but about a year before that she could not stay awake to use her electric wheelchair down the hall way. I would find her asleep in the hallway all the time. Then I decided I would take her to her cardiologist office. It had been 6 years since she had seen one. Her doctor found a cardic problem and corrected it and she did not fall asleep in the hallway anymore.

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