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No job, no insurance, need financial assistance with Duragesic patches... can anyone help me? Thank?

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Inactive 29 Nov 2009

Try asking the pharmacy you use if they know of any patient assistance programs and you can also ask the company who manufactures them if they have a patient assistance program.

Mickie15 29 Nov 2009

Hi Patti, I have asked the pharmacy... and I actually do use fentanyl rather than the brand name, Duragesic. So, I am still looking as the pharmacy has been no help and I cannot seem to find the manufacture website for the fentany.

But, isn't it usually the Brand name drug that one can get assistance on, rather than generics. I need all the help I can get as I wait for disibility. I have suffered chronic pain all of my adult life over 30 years... so I worked as long as I could... and I don't know how I can afford $400 a month. Thanks again!

Buddy1971 29 Nov 2009

After certain pharmacutical comercials I hear them mention and I'm sure I'm spelling this wrong & I'm not sure if they are the company who makes Duragesic,but I think it's called Astrazenica,they claim they can help you with presription cost. Or you could get see how much regular fentanyl patches are because I know Duragesic is the brand,& much more expensive. I would try one or both good luck. J.

Mickie15 20 Dec 2009

Astrazeneca doesn't make any pain medications, but thank you for trying to help. I don't know what is going to happen when I can no longer come up with that money, unless I get disability very, very soon. I have been turned down 2 times, which is normal... problem is... it's normal to get turned down even more times, or always, if they think there is something you are capable of doing. I could deliver pizzas 2 hours a day, but I cannot stand for more than a few minutes, unless I am walking a little bit... and I cannot sit down for more than 1/2 an hour without increased pain... its very frustrating. Mick

Buddy1971 20 Dec 2009

Sorry you misunderstood my post what I said was that that company claims they can help with prescription drug cost,not that they make duragesic,or any meds but I'm sure they have a catch. You mentioned being turned down twice for SSI/SSDI. I was turned down twice & then had to wait 2 years for a bench hearing which I didn't even have to go in( the room) and that's what should have happend along time ago,but just did in October THIS OCTOBER,after I had two C-1 C-2 fussions,a bone disease diagnosed,paying 27,000$ in COBRA payments so I could see my doctor & get my meds & alot of B.S. Now I'm finding medicare and Medicaid are also a bunch of B.S! I can't see my mental health doctor or pysical thearapy.

mitjason 20 Dec 2009

The Website is I've heard of some people getting their patches for free.. But I've never actually had friends that have gotten them for free so it may be a myth. They will most likely help you out though. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays and good luck!

heckmuck 30 Apr 2010

You can also try your Social Services where you live. I was going to have to do it, but got my insurance back just before my appt. Isn't it sad that pain meds cost so damned much? It really sucks for those of us who have no ability to work and pay for them. I just turned 32 years old, and my 4 rx's that I currently use are around $1200/mo! What's fair about that? I shouldn't need that much medication, but there is no age limit on pain! Hope this helps a little. I would call DSS and ask them about gov. funded script programs...

meyer0213 1 Feb 2012

try johnson and johnson patient assistance program free discount card

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