Hi Everyone! I am hoping for insight to this apparently common problem. Let me eliminate some things first off that I have done to try to solve this problem. I have no new detergents, lotion, shampoos or conditioners. I have eliminated all of them, slowly reintroducing them back one at a time. I had taken the depo-provera shot twice (once every 3 months) to calm migraines, but the weight gain (size 10 to size 16 in 2 months!) was what made me discontinue it about 4 months ago. I also stopped taking 50mg of benadryl per night and claritan 10 mg per morning, thinking they may have synergized the weight gain. I do take a lot of psych drugs, which give me dry mouth - I chew a lot of gum and carry a water bottle everywhere. Giving up the psych drugs are not an option since I'm a veteran with severe PTSD. I am 47, which may have me pre-menopausal, but I lack any symptoms so far.

I have itching, more at night than day, all over my body. There are no rashes, lesions or bite marks. My home and pets have been carefully examined. My cat and dog both are regularly bathed and brushed to reduce dander. I have a hepa filter vacuum. I live in a dry climate of Colorado, with wacky weather - sunny 70s one day, snowstorm the next. We have forced air heating, and I sleep with a humidifier on - filters and water changed frequently. Cool showers before bed help, but don't help for long. I lotion everywhere, frequently, wearing SPF 50+ when out in the sun. At one time I was burned on 30% of my body with multiple skin grafts to my torso, arms, hands, neck and lower abdomen. That is now scar tissue, healed a long time ago. My grafts used skin harvested from my thighs, back and buttocks, again healed a long time ago. I mention this because it gives a better idea of the type of skin I'm dealing with, as the burned & grafted scars itch more than graft donor sites or regular skin. But everything itches at night - even my scalp. I take krill oil, vitamin D3 and biotin for healthier skin. Please, any suggestions?