I've been on Marlissa combined monophasic bc pills for over a year now.
The last time I had sex was Sep 15, along with two other times after.
This last week I've had a stomach ache but only at night and right before I go to bed. I work in retail and I lift lots of boxes but it hasn't been that bad lately.
I take all of my pills, I have never missed one and when my boyfriend and I were last sexually active, I made sure I was taking my pills correctly and on a timely matter, with the latest pill taken probably 15 mins after the time I usually take it.
I've also been feeling a little heavier and I'm just getting paranoid.
I know it isn't ideal to ask online, but I just wanted to hear what others think.
I take my bc liberally and as close to my usual time as possible, I have never missed a pill or taken a pill more than an hour late before.
Thank you