I suffer from acute Raynaud's, in that I suffer it 24/7 even if in the warm my feet especially can turn into ''blocks of ice'' and I have painful stiffness of the hands and feet and a painful tingling rotating from one to the other all the time - if i get cold it is much worse. I was initially put on nifedipine 5 mg three times a day which help with the worst symptoms for two months but the body adapted and it no longer helped as much. After tests my GP raised the dosage to 10 mg 3 times a day which has helped the Raynaud's somewhat but I cannot cope with the side effects of dizziness, sternum pain and extreme exhaustion so will have to revert to the lesser dosage of 5 mg which doesn't help me really. I am most disappointed and frustrated and wonder if there is any other help out there ?