About 3 months ago I overdosed on nicotine. I started getting really strange headaches and stomach aches. I didn't go to the doctor as quickly as I should because I figured it would work itself out. I'm typically constipated followed by diarrhea or hard dark brown almost black stool. I went to a DO about a month ago and had labs done that showed a vitamin D deficiency and past exposure to H Pylori. My stomach issues continued only now I get full on small amounts of food and it gets hard to swallow. I went to a GI specialist who recommended a colonoscopy which showed colon spasms and gastritis. I'm still awaiting the results of the biopsy. I also had an ultrasound on my gallbladder which came back fine (I'm still going to do a HIDA scan) and an X-ray of my stomach which just showed a large amount of fecal matter in my right colon. I'm currently taking L Glutamine for my gastritis and OTC acid reducers because I get nauseous about an hour after I eat each time and terrible reflux pain. What should I do? Doctors don't take me seriously that nicotine could do this to my body but I have felt horrible since that day.