So i have taken a 5 hour energy over 24 hours ago and experienced a niacin rush. the 5 hour energy was follwed by coffee and 2 Emergen-C packets. I have these following symptoms

- Head pressure

- paranoia/anxiety

- Stronger heart pules

- Hypersensitivity (nerval, like heat, static shock, etc)

- Head pressure (like a balloon)

Caffiene appears to help with the situation slightly, but i get easily paranoid.

- Ears are dry

- Tintinitus weakened (weird one)

- Lots of burping

- Constant hunger feeling, but doesnt feel like i can get food down easily

- nauseous when eating flavorful foods (when on tastebuds)

I dunno what this is, and i was told is that this could just be a long niacin flush.

Also, something weird is that masterbation helps with the symptoms