I've been taking Niacin/caffeine capsules right in the morning with my Synthroid dose. I workout very regularly, but seem to have gained weight (I can tell its some fat I can see it in my face) with no apparent reason. The niacin/caffeine capsule I REQUIRE at least an hour before I workout. I must workout in the morning because I don't have time later on any given day.

Could the mix of the niacin/caffeine capsule be interfering with my Synthroid dose? Could this be causing my small weight gain?

This is a struggle for me because I take some other medications and I have a strict eating schedule. There are very, very small windows where I may be able to take Synthroid later in the day and not have food or other medications interfere with it.

Might I add that my skin always dry even with the high amount of water I drink. I have dark circles under my eyes often. My hair also is pretty dry most of the time.

Does anybody advise anything here?