I have had the Nexplanon implant since January 2015. I continued to get my periods (though very irregular) from then up until May 2016. This last period was extremely heavy and lasted about 2 weeks... I haven't gotten my period since, so it's been about three months without. Recently I've been having other symptoms (food/smell aversions, fatigue, sporadic nausea, mood swings) and I'm wondering if I could be pregnant? When I was still getting my period on it I wouldn't go longer than a month and a half without it... but then there would be times I would get it every two weeks. It seems like a lot of people are having the opposite problem (periods stopping when starting nexplanon and then starting up again a year or so in) so I'm very concerned.
Furthermore, I got a small tattoo over where the nexplanon is placed back in July 2015, so I was wondering if that could affect the implant as well.
Please help!!!