I have had this for about 7 months and didn't have a period for about 5 months. I randomly started a period and it lasted two weeks. I stopped, and then had another one that lasted about a week. I loved not having a period. Will I go another few months without one, or will it be like this every month? Also, I started a period about the time I began supplementing my baby on solid foods instead of solely on breastmilk. Could this be the cause (change in hormones)? One of my friends used it and had to stop, because she couldn't stop bleeding. Also, sometimes when it is cold or stormy my scar hurts. My scar looks completely normal, though. There is no puss or redness, and the rod is perfectly placed. The pain isn't unbearable, just an ache. Even though I've experienced these two issues, I have liked the birth control overall. I've lost weight, my skin is clear, I usually don't have a period, and I don't have to remember a pill. I have liked this form of birth control and I really want it to work for me. I've had so many issues with other things, I can't imagine trying to find something else. Has anyone else experienced any of this? Thanks in advance.