... bleeding now for over three weeks. There are times that it lightens up but most of the time it is like a regular heavier period. I was using tampons for over two weeks but they started to get painful. Now I have been switching between pad and tampons because I hate the feel of pads and if I wear pads for more than a day they irritate my skin. It's annoying and painful. I have also been having such horrible menstrual cramps that I don't want to move (I've never had menstrual cramps this bad) and I have also been having horrible stomach pain to where I feel like I'm going to throw up (like how your stomach feels when you have the flu) but it will only last for anywhere between two hours to twelve hours. I don't understand what is going on and I'm sick of feeling like this. I'm miserable. Every time I call the clinic that I go to they just tell me that my body just needs to get use to it. How long do I have to be this miserable and in this much pain before something gets done about it? What do I do or what can I do? Any information on what is going on with me and/or what can be done would be really helpful