... then it stopped and I didn't have anymore bleeding until the end of August. Again in the middle of September and again at the very end of September into October. I can't remember the exact dates, because I didn't have any reason to worry. I had unprotected sex October 29th and October 31st. Sunday November 15, 2015 I started spotting really dark brown. It was really light. It kind of let up a little. It has more red to it now, but it's really dark red. It's still light enough for a panty liner. Actually it doesn't really get on my liner. It really only shows when I go to the bathroom. I have been cramping terribly. My nipples have been tingling. My back has been burning. I feel very moody. I am really broken out on my face. I know these can all be symptoms of a period and also pregnancy. I also have read that Nexplanon gives pregnancy symptoms, but I have had the implant for 8 months could it just be the implant? I took a HPT last night (11/16) it was negative and I took one this morning (11/17) it was negative. I also read that Nexplanon can give false negatives. I have one child. I found out at 3W6D was my first positive HPT. So I'm just wondering if it's just really bad timing or if I could be pregnant? I've heard that women have had miscarriages, because they tested negative when they actually were. I think if I were pregnant that it wouldn't should until Thursday or Friday. Can anyone offer any advice or experiences they have had?