I got the nexplanon implant on day 2 of my period on a Friday morning at 8:20am. Before the implant I had the iud and then the mini pill. The iud slipped so I got it removed. They then put be on the jollivette mini pill and two days later I got the implant. The whole time I was on the mini pill I didn't have sex (one month). The next Friday after the implant was placed I had sex. It was the seventh night after I got the implant. My doctor told me wait exactly one week just in case. He came in me twice that seventh night. And on the eighth day he came in me three times. We are both 19 and STD free (both have been tested). I'm really scared I could get pregnant. Is this thing effective by the seventh day since it was inserted during my period? I've read it is but some people are saying you have to wait longer. Thank you!