I had it in for 3 months, had my period 2 of those. I got it removed on the 10th of July. I still haven't gotten my period. My cervix is still high, closed and tilted back. I wasn't told not to have sex for 7 days before I got it removed. I learned that after it was out. We'd had sex 4 times in the week before it was removed. Pregnancy test was negative. It was a dollar one. I'm soo, confused. I don't want to be pregnant. We've been using protection, but as I said that week before (including the night before) we didn't. Only reason I didn't get a different type of bc was because it dropped my milk to almost non existant. Shouldn't my period be back!? Did I take the pregnancy test too early? Is it normal that my cervix hasn't moved in almost a month? I'm so confused. The lady who took it out is no help. I'm hoping its just side effects of the nexplanon still. she told me after she took it out I was fertile immediately, and when I got home I was thinking if that's true sperm can live for days. Looked it up and found out about the week