I am suppose to get the nexplannon out in June, and the last year has been horrendous. My first utis and yeast infections (ever in my life) moody, odd bleeding patterns, and very dismissive doctors.
My biggest issue and worry is that I bleed after intercourse, and it's not normal looking period blood but blood as if I have a cut. I've had two STD checks and a PAP and I am completely clean and all the doctor had to say is that it's "kinda abnormal and everything looks fine," but didn't give me any more or an explanation.
Sometimes the sex hurts and sometimes it doesn't; sometimes I bleed and sometimes I don't. Sometimes the bleeding and the cramping hurts.

The doctors say third year for some is rough and the body goes back to it's normal cycle and possibly could be no real cause?

Has anyone experienced any of this? Should I be worried for a possible bigger issue that goes farther than this birth control?
Any recommendations on a better birth control?