I'm tierd of having my period everyday. I'm slowly bleeding to death and have been for 2 years. I have numerous health issues because bleeding like a water fall everyday isn't exactly a good thing. I've ruined my panties and I can't even do the one thing the drug was meant for. I can't have sex. The blood turns me off and my partner off. Im moody confused and slowly dieing of a severe vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency and general fatigue. I've gotten so many utis and yeast infections its driving me insane. After 2 years I've finally had enough and am going to my doctor to get it removed because I can't handle it anymore. The thing is because of the horrible reactions I have to depo and this I'm kind of afraid to use any other birth control because their just so bad for me. The condom pretty much failed and that's why I decided on birth control I don't have a time of day where I can really take the pill every second and I just want something I can put in and leave there. Not something I have to put in before sex take out do it all over again the next time I feel it would ruin the moment and be totally unattractive to me. I'm curious as to what I should go to next considering my past birth control experiences and Im allergic to any form of plastic. So what should I go for? Im 21.