I am currently on 120 mg of Oxycontin 4 x daily plus 30mg of Roxicodone 4x Daily, and have been for almost 5 years.I have tried Fentanyl,MS Contin, Methadone,All kinds of Meds. My Doc wants me to try Opana Er at 20 mg 2x a day, I know it's not the same Medicine as Oxycontin, but the milligram is to low, and I will have to wait a whole entire month for them to put me back on Oxycontin. And anyone who is really hurt, knows a MONTH IS TO LONG TO WAIT.I won't let them take me off of Oxycontin, until I am sure that I know what an accurate Dosage might be on Opana er, compared to Oxycontin.I have had several surgery's, I have Post Lumbar Laminectomy syndrome,Lumbar radiculpathy,and Disc displacement. My only other choice is a spinal cord stimulater or a morphine pump, and I don't want either. I would just like to know what would be equal in Opana Er compared to Oxycontin 120 mg 4x Daily. I REALLY NEED SOME 1 TO HELP ME, PLEASE.I tried to bring it up with my Doctor's, but it somehow aroused suspicion, (Doctor's). I don't abuse my Med's, and my urine tox always comes back clean. I am willing to hear any one out.Thanks, NYguy44.