I just got my Nexplanon removed today June 12th 2017. I had in for about a year and a half, and I gained about 35 pounds and I have been depressed and all around like a moody teenager. I got it removed a few hours ago and it may be only in my head but I feel better and relieved. I was just wondering if the weight does come off? I can't stay this big forever I was 145 before the implant, yet I got up 175 -180 which is HUGE I look like super obese for what I was... Last night I continued to cry for hours like I have been since its been in. The only great thing that happened with the implant was the no periods for a year. But again sorry to get off track but how much weight did you lose after? was it with diet and exercise? how long did it take? I don't want my fiancee looking at me with disgust anymore I want to be that thin girl with the pretty butt again. I want to feel like myself!! help please :)