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I am newly diagnosed with copd and was wondering what people thought of the Spiriva and Xopenex?

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GramDenise 11 Sep 2015

I was diagnosed about 8 years ago, I'm 52 now. My Dr put me on Spiriva first thing. I've never tried Xopenex. I've been seeing a Pulmonologist for about 5 years now and out of all the prescriptions I take, I know Spiriva works the best for me. A few years ago I thought Spiriva really wasn't making a difference so I quit using it for a few weeks, I just used my other COPD medications. My breathing was so bad, gasping for breath, etc. I truly thought it was the end for me. I went back on my Spiriva and felt alive again after only a few days! I know everyone is different but for me Spiriva has been amazing.

blaaccypher 11 Sep 2015

I have been on Symbicort and Albuterol and both have made my heart race and made me light headed. My Pulmonary Dr took me off both. Did you have any side effects with the Spiriva? Also, are you on the Respimat or the Redi-Haler?

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Libbymac 12 Dec 2015

I also have copd and my doctor put me on spiriva and it works well for me. I have been on it for a couple of years now.

Clafra3333 3 Apr 2018

I have COPD, too. The doctor started me on Spiriva but it caused immediate depression within 24 hours. I have not been given X0PENEX. I am on Flovent now without any depressive side effects, but it does cause candida and thrush after used for a couple months. Then I have to use nystatin mouthwash to clear that up. Then back to the Flovent cycle again until thrush appears. I have tried four different inhalers.The others were ATROVENT, SYMBICORT, and Asmanex, all With some depressive effects for me. free discount card

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