I'm new here so please be tolerant. I'll use the same manners I would use out there. Just let me know if I misstep.

I stopped Wellbutrin because of the never ending jitters. I am stopping Trazodone because the all day next day drugged feeling does not seem to get better.
I'm looking for a med to help with depression, some OCD, GAD, sometimes jitters for no reason, Social Anxiety Disorder and insomnia.

I took Paxil about 15 years ago and all was well except in the sack. I had to go wide open for awhile to finish the job. I don't remember why I stopped taking it. Most SSRI's cause me not to be able to empty my bladder. I don't remember that with Paxil.

Is there a newer med that would help with my conditions and maybe has less side effects.

I have a Dr appointment in a couple of weeks, and of course will ask him.
Here, I am hoping to hear from someone with personal experience with Paxil or another med that will help with my problems.

Thanks charles