I am still unable to post or reply but I am able to ask a question so here goes...
Newbie for sure... Vicodin 5-500, 8-10 per day for 10 years, prescribed for herniated discs, L4, L5, Xanax for Dysphasia and Panic attacks, Ambien to sleep. I'm down to 3 Vicodin, 3 .5 Xanax, and .5-1.0 Ambien to sleep for about a week. Already using imodium and feeling terrible. I'm wondering what my next step in tapering the Vicodin should be and if I should be tapering anything else at the same time. Also drinking 2 5ths of cheap red wine a day. I feel terrible... stomach cramps depression... is it supposed to be this bad? I'm especially wanting to get off the Vicodin to start... Should I just wait a week and start breaking them in half for another week. No idea what I am doing but want to get clean... eventually form everything... all drugs, all booze... just me and the world. 62, semi-retired, love to get out in the fresh air and walk.