Ill be as detailed as possible with this. Thursday, April 10th, I started my first pack of birth control. I was on the 4th day of my period and took the pill at 7:32. I was doing it everyday at the same time and wasnt having sex. Monday, the 13th, I took the pill with dinner and about 30 minutes threw up. I didnt take another pill, Tuesday and Wednesday I took my pills at the same time. No problems. Thursday, I took the pill then threw up again. Friday morning I start bleeding, even though I had just finished my period a couple days before. I still continue to take my birth control pills ritually at the same time. Haven't thrown up. My boyfriend and I decided to have unprotected sex twice, on Sunday. I took my pill and everything is fine. Should i take another step and get plan B tomorrow, a full 24 hours would have gone by at this point. He did not ejaculate inside me but since I threw up twice It might have been a mistake to not use protection. Thank you very much.