... feedback. I am suffering from a dark depression, due to both mid life crisis plus lack of purpose in career etc. I was originally put on Lexapro - zombied me ... then Valdoxin ... did great for my sleep yet backed off on the depression assistance ... and now Zoloft ... was good for the first two weeks of overlap with the Valdoxin taper (although Valdoxin does not need much taper) and just the last few days my anxiety has been through the roof. I must say though that a week earlier I had two or three moments of what I call"clarity" - where I just felt at peace and my old self again ... for half a day or so each time. So I am hoping it's a result of the Zoloft. For those of you who have stuck with Zoloft, should I just battle on and trust that this spike in anxiety will pass ?. I would have expected such spikes early, however being at the end of week 3 it worries me. I desperately want this one to work. I have some major life decisions looming and I gotta get to a state of clarity. I really appreciate the feedback all. Many thanks