Ive been on Effexor XR for over 17 years. At one point, I was on 300 mg because i was suicidal. Slowly, I've been weaning off of it. I'm currently down to 37.5 mg. with 300 mg of Welbutrin to help take place of it. I told my doctor that I wanted off this drug due to the weight gain. She told me to take 10 mg of Prozac when I stop taking Effexor. I tried this on Monday with no issues. Tuesday, I started feeling "weird" but didn't think anything of it. Wed, I woke up feeling horrible with fatigue, loopiness, nausea, and feels like my brain will explode! I went back to see my psychiatrist today (Thursday), and she says to go back on the low dose of Effexor. I work with small children during the day, so she says to wait until the summer to start weaning off this med again.

I found this site to see how long it takes for the withdrawals to last before finally free of this. I don't want to ruin my whole summer and then still feel miserable when I have to go back to work (school) in the fall. I saw someone post a regimen for weaning off, something like 37.5 and half of a capsule. She put it in A B C order (her A was 75 mg) B 37.5 mg and C half of 37.5. I wanted to try that this summer but start with B.
I believe the member's name was something like cuteandfluffy... please respond if you see this. Did this approach work for you? How long did your withdraw symptoms last? Are you totally free of it now? How do you feel?