New user to this group. Just looking for some other people out there that actually BELIEVE me! Hi, been diagnosed for about 7 months. Like I have heard some say, I believe I had this much longer. After getting dianosed, looking back, it has been a slow progression, and then widespread, that finally sent me to a doctor. I had never even heard of fibro! After testing for everything else, this was the conclusion. To all those out there, I am on Neurotin 900 mg., endocet 7.5 every 6 hrs. I have to say, I have DEFINATELY had an improvement with neurotin. However, the pain if def. being "managed" but still constant. The aches seem to always be there, and the stiffness. Can anyone tell me if possibly I need a higher dose of anything? The primary, nor the rehumatologist(who was useless, just told me to swim) had suggested anything. Pain mangagement rehab. put me on neurotin. Also, the pain seems to jump around. I was having pretty severe lower back, then jumped to my left shoulder, then hips? Does everybody see this? I am so frustrated. Like I have heard others say, I feel ancient... only 45... was always strong and active before. This has slammed me!! I think the worst however, is it seems people, even your loved ones... look at you like you are "faking." And then, when you try to research anything, the majority of info. is that it is "psychological." I had two children natural child birth (not so much as a tylenol) get my teeth filled with no novacaine... so I don't want to hear that it is having a low pain threshold! ugh... and lastly... when you say "stiffness" I definately have that getting up and down, stairs etc., but do your joints ache and feel like you are the tin man and need oil? Thats the only way I can describe the hip pain... like the ball inside your hip is rubbing. Does this make any sense to anyone?