I have chronic back pain and I take opana twice a day Lortab up to six times a day and Soma four times a day. I will get my first UA this week, but I have been on these meds for 3yrs. Lately I have been very sick & on antbiotic's. In the last ten or so days I have been very nausiated and only able to keep down the opana. Yes I have held down both Soma&Lortab, but not often. My doctor is now doing the UA's just to insure that you aren't selling meds & even says he wouldn't test for pot & even would give patients a second chance if they tested positive for an illicit drug. I have not taken any illegal drugs, but may have mistaken dosages of my meds thinking I threw them up before they could digest. If I take these meds correctly for a couple of days before my UA will I be alright. Also this is the doctor who is treating me for my illness so he is aware that I have legitimate vomiting. Will everything be okay? What kind of UA do you think he will give me? Will two days of correct dosage give me a clean UA?