Hello. I was put on the patch 25mcg 2 weeks ago thru hospital pain management where I have been getting different types of injections for years. Most didn't help due to the types of injuries I have. Had 2 level lumber fusion with laminectomy L5 S1, 8 hours surgery due to the collapse in the area from spondlothesis. It was done as an emergency due to bladder control issue and nerve weakness. Now have scar tissue where laminectomy was. They call it post laminectomy syndrome. This was done 8 years ago. Now I have problems with levels above the fusion disc bulge and facet stenosis which is causing great deal of pain upon walking standing sitting. Haven't tried hanging from a tree but I think that would also hurt! 6 years ago I had a one level cervical fusion with lots of arthritis in rest of vertebrae. Had surgery to fuse my big toe using graft from heel and shorten 2nd toe and transfer the ligaments. The other foot has lost most of the cartlidge and needs the fusion surgery, which I will put off as long as possible, it took 9 months to heal from the surgery, could not put my foot on floor for 3 months. Oh, and I have fibromyalga.
Okay what a list huh? So many of us with these lists right? I hurt more everytime I have to recount i