Just a short bio, I am a 37 year old Mother of a almost 18 year old son (this month)  and a almost 15 year old freshman in High school. I am 4’11, weight depends? Around average 105-110.
Which, I have the following Conditions and what I am taking.
Hypothyroid (take Synthriod 0.75mg 1xday Morning)
ADD (Take Adderall XR 30 mg 2xday)
HBP (Take Maxzide 75/50mg 1xday Morning)
Anxiety (Takes Klonoplin 2 mg 2xday)
Pain/ Fibromyalgia/monthly’s (Take Loratab 7.5, 2-3 day as needed)
*Meds on side; I have like 3 bottles of CARISOPRODOL 350MG TABLETS (Soma’s) but something thing make me feel ugh next day….. Both types of Ambient for help sleeping (both these as well make me feel yuck in morning)!
Doctor as tried the following and for some reason or another I didn’t work for me and ad to quit.
Fibro- Savella- Made me sickish-
Fibro- LYRICA 50MG CAPSULES took for about 3 months, started making me forget things, talk funny and started getting blisters on fingers and hands, looked like water/ sun blisters, doctor gave me
SILVER SULFADIAZINE CREAM 50 GM to help, not knowing what it was caused from at the time. 9.27.11 took me off the Lyrica, and put me on Now, Pristiq 50 mg. I also gained about 15 pounds in that time period, a lot is water retention, so he Rx’ed me
HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE 12.5MG CAPSULES (water pill) to take as needed.
NOW**** as of 9.27.11 Fibro- Pristiq 50 mg, at bedtime (makes me feel groggy, hung-over the next day and It’s even harder to get going, but only on like 4th pill.)
So, as I read some of these I see so many had gone though the same issues? Got better in more than one way??? (BUT, after 2 weeks at least on it) I just don’t know if I can handle this feeling for 2 weeks! He said to take at night, due to making me sleepy. But I’ll take one at night and be up all night, but when I finally got to bed, it’s like I am out!!! And the morning, ugh I feel like a hit a brick wall, I also see where some take in morning? Anyone have any advice? u can email me kwoods35 at live dot com
I am too young for all this, (hahaha) and to think (we live on a 50k ac. lake) and just 2 summers well, even last summer, I was a 35-36 year old momma wakeboarding and this year, NOWAY... we sold our ski boat even, and bought a bass boat, fish a lot... But yeah it hurts. But I am determined NOT to let any of these STOP my life completely , I have always been a very active person, outdoors, and hunt, fish, riding our atv’s, boating, fishing, whatever outdoors. Worried since this has gotten worse, it will affect my Hunting this season I am extremely prone to the cold weather, it really hurts me.