I have been dosing for about 2 weeks now and I'm now @ 80mg per day. The nurses tell me that I am not far from "my peak" and that everything will somehow magically get better once I reach that dose. However, even knowing that methadone has such a long half life I still am experiencing pretty bad withdrawals in the late evening after getting home from work for the day.. I guess my question is if I'm so close to this "magical dose" that I'm supposed to reach and methadone is supposed to keep me from detoxing for over 24 hours (the nurses keep telling me that it has a 48 hour shelf life) then it has to be inevitable that I will ever be fully rid of withdrawal symptoms. It appears that I am destined to go thru this misery! I really feel as if there *is* nothing out there to help me, I tried suboxone first after a serious 15 year opiate addiction and couldn't kick the habit as well as multiple rehab centers.. Will methadone ever work for someone with an addiction as strong as mine?!