Hello. I was put on the patch 25mcg 2 weeks ago thru hospital pain management where I have been getting different types of injections for years. Most didn't help due to the types of injuries I have. Had 2 level lumber fusion with laminectomy L5 S1, 8 hours surgery due to the collapse in the area from spondlothesis. It was done as an emergency due to bladder control issue and nerve weakness. Now have scar tissue where laminectomy was. They call it post laminectomy syndrome. This was done 8 years ago. Now I have problems with levels above the fusion disc bulge and facet stenosis which is causing great deal of pain upon walking standing sitting. Haven't tried hanging from a tree but I think that would also hurt! 6 years ago I had a one level cervical fusion with lots of arthritis in rest of vertebrae. Had surgery to fuse my big toe using graft from heel and shorten 2nd toe and transfer the ligaments. The other foot has lost most of the cartlidge and needs the fusion surgery, which I will put off as long as possible, it took 9 months to heal from the surgery, could not put my foot on floor for 3 months. Oh, and I have fibromyalga.
Okay what a list huh? So many of us with these lists right? I hurt more everytime I have to recount it. So I know this may sound crazy. I don't want to admit how much pain I am really in to myself. The pain has slowly limited me till I find myself either in my recliner or bed, busy with something or watching movies with my husband and trying to bravely except that I was in a world getting smaller and.smaller. I had been using 10-15 mg of hydrocodone 2 - 3 times a day, not everyday but almost, and at lower doses if I didn't move around but still needed pain relief from my fibromyalga. Endocet helped somewhat better. However I didn't always get pain relief and sometimes no real lasting relief. I just thought I will have to live with pain cause injections couldn't take care of all things, and the pain med I was on was the most I could use. I wasn't getting relief and didn't believe I ever really would.
In April I was in the hospital for ischemic colitis where they found I had kidney cancer. In may I had a radical laproscopic nephrectomy. The kidney cancer, was found early and surgically removed with my kidney. I have been given a gift in finding and removing a cancer which would have killed me. I want to LIVE IT.
So I thought if this patch would help me do that I had to try it. Then as soon as I started to read about it I wasn't sure. So much scared me about it. It sounded so dangerous. Did I really have enough pain to warrant it? I have pain that will always be there is what it meant to me and I had been trying to hide from that fact. Even with a great caring husband home with me,children close by who visit every weekend,friends that we saw at least once a month, hobby I love when I can get to it, silversmithing making jewelry in my studio. All these wonderful supports and with the pain I was only active maybe 25% of the time.
I didn't want to need narcotic pain relief, I did use hydrocodone and used it sparingly so I wouldn't have to admit to the level of my pain.
Now I have been on the fentanyl patch for 2 weeks and in the last week have been out there and doing things. Some big, helping my daughter dye slippercovers. Some small but important things likely drove my self to the Super Target to grocery shop and general shopping. Who can get out of there with only groceries. I didn't have horrible pain afterwards from walking those hard floors. My husband seemed to have some pain upon looking at the bill. But couldn't believe I didn't hurt bad.I have some breakthrough pain but that has become less. I think moving around is helping me on a lot of levels.
I am almost afraid to say this, I am at the point where I don't have pain. Like a 2 or 3 on the oh so funny looking pain chart. Have you you ever looked at the zero pain face, it is alittle too much of a smile kinda freaky.
So ,after all that said I do have questions. If there is anyone still reading this.
Why do so many want to get off the patch? Do the side effects get worse the longer you wear it, cause now I don't have hardly any. How long do most people stay on it ? Do you always have to increase your dose for effective pain relief? Anyone out there with one kidney using it safely? Anyone have a problem with admitting you need this type of pain relief? Has anyone had a hot bath without a problem, I miss that.
Thank you so much for reading this. Now my next posts won't have to be so long, maybe even be readers digest short, hopefully texting short.
Thank you so very much for any info you can give me.