I had quite a bad car crash 2 yrs ago, i was hit from behind shunting me into car infront and them into car infront of them. My car seat frame snapped and hit me in the back resulting to fracture to T8 and severe whiplash. Today Iam still in severe pain from my back which feels like someone has stabbed me with a hot knife and also my neck, shoulder and arm. I can hardly turn my head due to pain and swelling, to look at me inow look abnormal as the right side of my neckis much much bigger than my left. My head pulls completely to the right and shakes which is very embarassing. This has affected my life so much I am on light duties still at work thats when I can get in. I have had physio, hydro, accupuncture but nothing sees to be helping. I am also taking Buprenorphine BuTrans 15mg Patches, Dicolfenac 50MG, Solpadol 30/500MG, Amitriptyline 20MG, Movelat Cream and now been put on Diazepam. Has anyone else been through something like this or can raise a slight glimmer of hope and I now feel as though I am at the end of the road as I can not take much more. It is affecting every single aspect of mylife and I am no longer sure what to do.