Hi all, I was just started on this med today (won't take first dose until tomorrow) ... starting at 50 mg for a week and then up to 100 mg for a month and then re-check with doc. They are hoping this will help settle down my hyper over drive problems ... will it? Also, the weight gain and probably more important the loss/lack of libido is a huge question for me at this point ... does it really cause the libido to stop and or disappear? I don't want to trade that in my life!

If you check my profile this is going along with the treatment for my insomnia, sleep study coming up on August 6th and I'm taking Serax as needed for sleep ... finally getting some much needed zzz's :)

Any thoughts/concerns etc. much appreciated :) I want to know what I am getting into ahead of time if possible.

Doc did try me on Wellbutrin XL and it made my insomnia go into overdrive ... I hardly slept and was wound up tighter than a spring!