Started 50mg of zoloft after stopping 100mg on my own last december. I suffer from anxiety, social anxiety. I feel like people are judging me all the time, basically irrational thoughts. I pretty much screwed myself out of a police dispatch job due to the anxiety problems and basically not having enough confidence in myself. How am im suppose to say "well chief, I need a week to adjust to a med that makes me more stable and confident in myself" lol..maybe at a shopping market job! Not at a department. I know I should have never cane off of the zoloft but depending on a medication isn't fun. I forgot how long it was before is saw a change, 1-2 weeks I think it was. But then the sexual problems come which is the worst for my and my love lol. Not being able to "finish" the deal lol. I have headaches, anxiety, the sleeplessness is the worst, loss of hunger, snappy moods. Any words of wisdom?