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Hi, I am new here. Can someone give me information on blood and bone cancer?

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smileyhappy 27 Jan 2018

Look up multiple Myolema that is one cancer of blood and bone! It's treatable but not curable at this time!

nverrett 27 Jan 2018

Thank you for your response. I should have clarified my question. I have done research on this and have found out what you stated. Also, if you respond to treatment and go into remission, this type cancer typically will re-occur. That is not very encouraging but I will have to see.

I have tried to find a support group where others have experienced this type cancer. At this point it has also attacked my kidneys and I have kidney failure. I go to dialysis three times a week. Only time will tell just what is going to happen with this, but like you Smileyhappy, I am a Christian and have given it to God.

I appreciate your input. Prayers coming your way for you also. Take care.

smileyhappy 28 Jan 2018

I have known several people with MM. A friend of mine was on dialysis just for a bit and went into remission for 4 years after a stem cells transplant. The MM is coming back now! And my spouse found out she had MM in 2012 and had a stem cells transplant in 2014. Went into remission only a year then chemo with revlemid and dex. Finally last Feb 16 2017 the Oncologist told us MM was coming in a vangeance. She went to see the Lord 10 days later on February 26 2017. My one year is coming up! I hope your walk with this cancer is better! But you have someone alot of people don't have to help and guide you through the Lord! Sending prayers your way!

nverrett 30 Jan 2018

Thank you for the response.
I am so sorry for your loss.
This disease is kinda scary. I am just beginning the journey and the not knowing is the worse. I just got my vein mapping done and have not heard from the drs. . yet as to their plan of action.
I go to the oncologist Feb 8th. Maybe then we will find more answers. Again, thank you for your response.
May I put you as my friend on this site? Any information you want to share, please do so. Or if you know someone that might want to share information, I would appreciate being set up with them.
Have a great evening...

smileyhappy 30 Jan 2018

Yes you can friend me! I already friended you!
I don't know anyone else on this site with MM!

Take care

nverrett 30 Jan 2018

Thank you so much. I do appreciate this.
As I find things out from my drs. I may run them past you as a way of getting more understanding. It feels nice to have a person to talk to. Thank you again

smileyhappy 30 Jan 2018

No problem my names Lynne. free discount card

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