Hi everyone,I'm very new to all this stuff but find the website very helpful and am thinking of trying zoloft very soon.The only thing that's bothering me and has put a bit question mark next to whether I want to take it is the withdrawal,and how I will feel after?I know I'm yet to know if this medicine would even work,but I've heard good things and the depression I have currently is stopping me from living a normal life.Im worried that A)it's going to pack the pounds on me and B)Even with therapy surely tablets can't completely rid u of depression.and when I come off them (only plan on staying on them max of 8 months)surely the big black cloud will come over me again and I'll be stuck deep within it,is there a possibility at all that I would be happy without these tablets even if it's to do with serotonin levels in the brain?

Just a little confused about it all and whether I will benefit even from just a relief for that small period of time,but whether or not that's just going to make me feel even worse when I come off them and realize ,again just how bad I was feeling.

Thanks people