... to a work injury I had 3.5 years ago..I have 3 ruptured discs in my low back, 2 bulged discs in that area, 4 bulged discs in my mid spine, a broken. Vertebrae in my mid spine, spinal stenosis in my lower spine, nerve damage to right and left sciatic nerve, and possible nerve damage in my neck... I've been seeing pain management doctor for 10 months and have told them my meds aren't touching the pain and they will not increase... i take norco 7.5 4x a day, neurontin 600mg 3x daily, zanaflex 4mg 2x daily... I've told them I have taken this medicine (hydrocodone) for as long as I've been injured and they still don't seem concerned, have developed ulcers because of this and to top it off my heart doc tells me if my pain was better controlled my blood pressure wouldn't be an issue... my question is, is there some type of guideline to get written oxycodone? I've been written the oxycodone 15 before and they worked much better, and they seem to last longer... thanks in advance!