I am currently taking 2 mg of klonopin, 150mf of effexor and 2mg of seroquel. I want off of all of these drugs. I'm been on them for 3 years, and I want MY brain back. I'm scared because by accident, I left my klonopin at home went I was out of town. First day, really didn't notice much, second day I was shaky, third day, I couldn't sleep and I had panic attacks like I've never had before. I was able to talk myself through most of the pain from that night, but reached for the klonopin as soon as I got home. I've called my doctor, told her I want off of all of these medications. They did the job, but it's time to get off. I've read such horror stories of withdrawal. That's why I'm scared. And I'm confused as to which drug to taper first? I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. I feel like I've found a life line here. I hope someone has some advice.