Met with a brilliant psychiatrist- he’s really great - I mean he asked questions I didn’t even think of ... he’s worked with the NHI & he’s on 6 trials right now - but ...
I’m a little worried- he wants to start me off w/ the following for severe anxiety- PTSD - Possoble BPD II Depression/ also OCD & over I’m a wreak had a breakdown - and an MD myself /-

This is the list it’s long I’ll take any feedback - good or bad -

PM - 100mg Topamax to go up to 500mg.
PM 10mgs Haldol
PM lithium ( get to 800mg)
Antihistamines ( alerey just in case ) 2 time per day
AM - Synthroid.75mmg.
AM - Olanzapine
AM- Lamictal
Adderall up to 20/30 Mg
Wants to slowing add on another mood stabilizer & consider an SSRN depending where we are in 30/60 days ...
He is all about trying it and making changes- advised not to worry- we can change as we go - he’s available any time ..

That seems super excessive...

Anyone on all of those medications for BPDII / Anxiety/ OCD and PTSD ?

Thank you ...