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I am new to being on oxygen I am only 41 and just lost and looking to talk to others about it?

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endlessPred 12 Jul 2013

Hello. I am in oxygen as I have ILD. What would you like to talk about?

endlessPred 12 Jul 2013

Sorry, the word is : on oxygen.

LadyBonesie 13 Jul 2013

Hello so i guess ill just throw it out best i can sorry for typos and run on and on's... So i was born a sickly child and with that came asthma at the start dealing with new meds and all that goes along with asthma with it for the most part under control... i get sick in November 2012 and on and off through the winter till April when i just felt slow tired and flu like but couldn't shake it i decide to go to the ER and see what i had thinking nothing of it thought a few days in the hospital updrafts and rest and a course of anti biotics id be good to go... i spend 2 hours in the ER on oxygen and taking Lasix finally a DR comes in says your getting admitted hope you feel better soon your in congestive heart failure haaaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT... 2 weeks later 4 days in CCU and 10 days in Step Down Unit recovering and no on oxygen forever... again im only 41 i feel like a dog on a rope and just so lost is this all i have to look forward too...

endlessPred 13 Jul 2013

Wow. That is tough. When I first was put on oxygen I was incredibly ill. Doc said go to the ER and I did. Within a few hours I was in an ICU and suffocating. Yes, life can throw us quite a surprise. Here is the good news: There is oxygen to keep you going. Your lungs will heal as much as possible meaning less oxygen later. Your strength will improve and the incredible water weight will reduce. The congestive heart failure was a response to the large amount of fluid your body had. I went through all of that too. Happened in April 8 years ago. The following summer I didn't need oxygen and was doing well. Only this past year has my oxygen started increasing. But I have a disease that does this. Apparently you do not. So the good news remains that you will be fine and should steadily improve.

Inactive 12 Jul 2013

Dear LadyBonesie - Listen to Endless Pred - she is one of the smartest caring people on here. She pulled me out of "funk" last week, with her words of wisdom. She will be there for you if you let her!!

EndlessPred - Hope I didn't speak out of turn - its just that I follow you and you are so supportive to many, including me...

endlessPred 12 Jul 2013

thanks. I am waiting for the reply since I don't know her needs. I am back on 2 liters and more if I walk. Ah, well. You keep going, dear. There is more to life awaiting you. Karen

Robin7830 17 Nov 2013

Hi Lady B - just joined this group
And your question struck a nerve. Have things gotten better? Will you be on oxygen 24/7 going forward? I am 54 years old and have been on oxygen for three years. I know what you mean about feeling like a dog on a leash :-)

Tell us what some of your challenges are, and maybe we can share a few possible solutions to ease the "pain."

It definitely takes time to get used to being on oxygen. But you can still lead a productive and happy life. I really believe that. free discount card

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